Zip-lining & Exploring Caves at XPlor Mexico

XPlor Mexico

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Are you an adventurous traveler? If you thought we were crazy when we told you about our time swimming with whale sharks in Mexico, wait until you hear about our wild adventure zip-lining and exploring caves at XPlor Mexico, a natural adventure park located about half an hour from Cancun.

Xplor was our first excursion off hotel property in Mexico, and it was a great place to kick off our honeymoon festivities. We arranged for easy van transport with Lomas Travel from El Dorado Seaside Suites and arrived right when the park opened. Travel tip – if you book through your hotel, they can usually offer you a discounted price that also includes round-trip transport.

After we signed release forms and got outfitted with hard hats, the Xplor team sent us on our way into a lush adventure park that Doctor Indiana Jones himself would approve of.


Have hard hat, will travel.

Xplor offers several different adventure experiences – zip-lining, swimming/kayaking through caves, and driving an amphibious jeep through caves – oh yeah!

We opted for zip-lining first (a first for both of us!), which I was a little terrified of. In case you missed out on this tidbit before, I have a small fear of heights – which became not-so-small when I saw how high the zip-lines were. But life – and especially traveling – is all about conquering fears, so I was game for the challenge. Luckily, Xplor has 14 different zip-lines at varying heights, so it’s a great place for people of all ages and skill levels.

The ziplines follow several paths, one of which has a water-slide and allows you to zip-line through waterfalls (how cool is that?!). We went across seven or eight lines and, by the time we reached this waterfall at the end, we were like zip-lining circus pros.


Make sure you hang on to your sunglasses, shoes, bathing suit, or whatever you think might fall off when zip-lining – because it will and you may not get it back. And, trust me, you don’t want to be shoe-less or naked on your Indiana Jones-inspired adventure. Note: the park does kindly offer to mail you any of your missing items that are returned to lost and found, which is a nice perk and great customer service!

The park also has this super-cool, heart sculpture at the center of the park that makes a loud beating noise throughout the day. We found this especially helpful. Being lost in a theme park in Mexico in the sweltering summer is not fun, as we found out at Xcaret. But more on that later. If we wandered down the wrong path at Xplor, all we had to do was listen for the heart and we’d be back at “home base.”

Next up, we opted for a little off-roading through the jungle and caves of the Riviera Maya. The vehicles go a lot faster than they appear to in this video!

Xplor also has cameras throughout the park, which snap your picture at random moments – haha!

Xplor Mexico

Next, it was on to kayaking through the caves. We loved all the adventures at Xplor, but this was our favorite. Getting this close to natural stalagmites and stalactites is a rare opportunity and an experience unlike any other. We loved it so much, we went through the caves several times…


And posed for some fun pics along the way…


We went back for one more round about 20 minutes before the park closed, which we found out was the best time to go – most people were tired from the day’s activities and were heading toward the exit. But, not us – and we got the entire cave to ourselves.

So peaceful…

What a great way to end the day. We headed to the exit to pick up our pictures  – a great memento of our first honeymoon adventure in Mexico!

Do you prefer adventure on your travels? Or would you rather relax on a beach with a book?

Tell us in the comments below – hearing from you makes our day!

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4 Comments on “Zip-lining & Exploring Caves at XPlor Mexico

  1. This was also our first excursion! We agree it was a fabulous experience! Didn’t know about the lost and found – great perk! I couldn’t get enough of the ziplining, so much fun. Great read guys, love the layout.

    • It’s one of our favorite places and we can’t wait to go back sometime soon. I heard they have night sessions now too, which would be amazing! Appreciate your kind words and support of the blog – you guys are the best! 🙂

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