Below the Surface – Diving Oahu


Hi friends,

Happy Travel Tuesday! Hope you all are doing well! We just got back from Oahu where there was lots of diving, eating, shopping, Mai Tai madness, exploring, beach-going and other fun to be had. Todd spent a couple days diving Oahu and checking out the best underwater spots around the island. He’ll tell you more about those later – but for now, I wanted to share some of his underwater pics from Oahu with you because I think they are A-MA-ZING!

I may be partial because I’m his wife – but, if you think they’re pretty kick a** too, please leave a comment below and give Todd some love for his photos. The underwater world is truly incredible – and, since I’m too chicken to scuba dive myself, I love living vicariously through Todd’s photos and witnessing the magic of it all through the eye of his camera. Pretty surreal, don’t you think?






diving oahu

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