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Calling writers, photographers and videographers who LOVE to travel!

Do you and your significant other travel together? Want to be featured on JourneytheEarth.com? We want to feature YOUR articles, photos and videos on JourneytheEarth.com and share them with our thousands of followers around the globe!

How to Get Featured

Email your favorite travel articles, pics, and videos to thehummels@journeytheearth.com with CONTRIBUTING [WRITER] [PHOTOGRAPHER] or [VIDEOGRAPHER] in the subject line.

Please send one email with all items you’d like us to consider for publication. Since our site focuses on luxury travel for couples – with a splash of adventure!, we are only highlighting contributions that focus on travel for couples at this time.

We’re featuring our favorite travel photos on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google +, and Pinterest.

Please only submit your own original, high-resolution pictures & videos.

Please provide the following for all submissions:

Preferred Display Name
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For photo and video submissions, please provide:

Location: City, Country
Description (under 150 characters)
When was it captured?

For article submissions, please provide:

What category or categories does your post fit under?

  • Adventure
  • Diving
  • Hotels
  • Lifestyle
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping
  • Destinations

Please provide 3-5 photos with your post – photos must be your own. If you do not have any photos to accompany your article, we may be able to provide them for you, depending on the location.

500-800 words.

A picture of you.

Your brief bio (2-3 sentences)

How it Works

If your submission is a fit for a feature on JourneytheEarth.com, we’ll have you sign a release form allowing us to share your photo(s), article(s) or video(s) on all of our social media accounts and/or on JourneytheEarth.com.

If your article is right for a feature, we’ll publish it on JourneytheEarth.com and promote it on all of our social media accounts.

We will always tag you anytime we are sharing your content. We want people around the world to follow your adventures!

Terms & Conditions

You are not considered an employee of JourneytheEarth.com by submitting photos, videos, or articles.

You retain the rights to distribute your media elsewhere. Your photos, videos and articles are yours – you are just giving us permission to feature them on JourneytheEarth.com.

Please note we reserve the right to occasionally edit and alter content.

You cannot reach out to brands as a representative of JourneytheEarth.com on your own, but there is the possibility of us working together for sponsored trips and travel opportunities in the future.

We’re so excited to see your adventures around the world, and we can’t wait to share them!

The Hummels